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Yes we do indeed. Our structural steel detailing team provides 3D model, General Arrangement drawings, erection and fabrication drawings for all types of steel structures including commercial and industrial projects, as well as infrastructural facilities according to the client specifications. We use Tekla, Advance Steel, Revit, and AutoCAD software and provide services to Indian and oversees clients.

Reinforcement detailing team provide services in both 2D and 3D detailing using softwares STRAKON and Revit as per the client requirements. We produce quality drawings and automated bar bending schedule based on Indian and all major international codes.

we also have expertise in preparing Architectural/ structural/ MEP models and generating 2D drawings and also topographic models and details using software like Civil 3D, Infraworks

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Our 3D Models, calculation documents, and drawings are done in digital format. We are able to provide in any format that the client requires.

We can accept drawings and documents in any format. If you have a specific format, please let us know and confirm it with us.

yes you can send the drawings, documents and any other inputs through Email up to 50MB. If the file size is large choose a secure data transfer portal to send it.

Please send an email to to tell us who you are and elaborate your need to access the ftp server. Our IT personnel will get back to you with the access information. You will then be provided an unique login name and password which will enable you to load files on the server. Except our administrator other users will not be able to view or access your files.

The completed documents will be uploaded either through Email or through other secure data transfer portal provided by the clients.

Yes, we do. We have a backup server which runs a routine to check the ‘file modified’ attribute of each file in the connected hard disks and compare them with the last back up. All modified files are then backed up on another external hard drive connected to the back up server.

The turnaround time depends on the intensity and urgency of the work, the geographical time zone, and the number of staff who can physically work simultaneously on a project. However, we have sufficient manpower to take up design and detailing works.


Yes. Paradigm is an ISO 9001:2005 certified company.

We perform 3 tier quality control checks before uploading any drawings/documents to the client. Detailer / Engineer performs a self check along with the checklist. Corrections are marked and updated and then the file is submitted for first level checking along with signed checklist. The first checker verify it with the checklist and detailer / Engineer update the corrections, if any. The first checker re-verify the updates and the document is submitted for second level checking along with the signed checklist. The second checker performs review check with the checklist and ensures the quality of drawings/documents. Then the final outputs are sent to the client in the required formats. Once the project is completed in every aspect, we collect feedback from the client for future improvements.


All our technical staffs are well qualified, We possess 88% graduate and post graduate engineers 10 % technical school (diploma) graduates 2% IT support professionals.

We do Architectural modeling and detailing works of residential buildings and commercial along with rendered views using Revit, Sketch up and Lumion. If any further more requirements are there, we hire the services of an external Architect and Building Service Engineers.

Please refer website services pages for the different types structures and services we provide.

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Yes, we are familiar with almost all buildings codes,including IS,ACI, BS, AISC Code, Eurocode.

Kochi is the business capital of Kerala state. In and around Kochi there are a number of engineering colleges and polytechnic colleges which offer civil engineering degree and diploma courses. In case of any requirement we recruit freshers /experienced candidates and give training in our office for additional skills required to perform the tasks.

Generally we will be able to mobilize in one week time, for a short term projects that requires less than 5 employees. Manpower mobilization will take at least two weeks after the project confirmation for projects that require more number of employees.

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