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Our Highlights

To be able to deliver for, and have a positive impact on, the global clients we work with Each with their specific organizational and cultural needs; with individuals who work, talk and think differently we realize the importance of building competence and systems beyond technical expertise.

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Diverse expertise

The leadership team provides hands-on support for projects as they come with specialized skills and from a diverse technical, management and cultural background. We have a stringent hiring process that place importance on technical as well as soft skills.

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Partners invested and its vision

Our equity partners not only provide project-wise support but groom and train staff through immersive on-site exposure that help build invaluable communication and process skills.

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Training in cross-functional skills

Our engineers and technical experts have the opportunity to train in the range of domains, structures and software we work on. They are also provided training in soft skills.

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Innovation and development

Teams are encouraged to dedicate time for research and development to be able to address tricky, complex problems. Due to this people (across hierarchy) regularly come up with innovation solutions that help with project and work-flow improvements.

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Custom-built processes & systems

Our in-house team of developers work with the teams, domain experts and a service designer to build systems that help streamline our delivery and communication processes. These include (offline & online) systems that handle language translation for cross communication.

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Flexible, open culture

With transparency and a simple vision, we make sure everyone in our team understands the value they bring to the organization, the clients we serve and how their work impact other people. Our processes and systems are flexible to accommodate the individual needs of people in the team.

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